Cube texturing problem

I don’t manage to texture a cube on every faces. How can I do ? I read an ASC file. here are the vertices I use :
Vertex 0: X:-0.500000 Y:-0.500000 Z:0.000000 U:0 V:1
Vertex 1: X:0.500000 Y:-0.500000 Z:0.000000 U:0 V:0
Vertex 2: X:-0.500000 Y:0.500000 Z:0.000000 U:1 V:1
Vertex 3: X:0.500000 Y:0.500000 Z:0.000000 U:1 V:0
Vertex 4: X:-0.500000 Y:-0.500000 Z:1.000000 U:0 V:0
Vertex 5: X:0.500000 Y:-0.500000 Z:1.000000 U:0 V:1
Vertex 6: X:-0.500000 Y:0.500000 Z:1.000000 U:1 V:0
Vertex 7: X:0.500000 Y:0.500000 Z:1.000000 U:1 V:1

I know the texture coords are not good but I can’t find a solution.

Thanks for helping.