Cube Environment Mapping

Sorry for cross-posting but the beginner’s forum hadn’t much to say about my problem:

I wanted to create a simple cube environment mapping scene which consists of just the camera, the sphere and a cube. So, except the cube, there’s not much to reflect for the sphere, since i don’t have any walls that limit my scene.
i still have my default textures on my sphere enumerated with a, b, c…f. when i move towards the sphere, the textures become black (reflecting the environment) and you can see the reflected cube. but when i move the camera away from the sphere, the textures reappear und reflections aren’t visible. does anybody know, why it is so and how i can change this? seems to be a mipmapping problem, where the lower -quality textures doesn’t seem to do any reflections. How can i fix this?

Some screenshots are already posted in the beginner’s forum:;f=2;t=017539

There you can see that i’ve tried to use glTexImage2D instead of mipmaps but there are some errors on the textures. Any idea where that comes from?

Thank you