Cube Environment Mapping ?

Does anyone know a good tutorial with some code on Cube Environment Mapping. I need tutes that don’t need the geForce-hardware, because I don’t have a geForce, so the tutes from nVidia will do me no good.



The problem is that cube environment mapping
is an OpenGL extension, and thus you need the
tutorial for that extension. Hopefully,
everyone who implements that extension will
implement it the same way.

Does your hardware even support CEM ? If it
does, does the OpenGL driver implement the
extension? If it does, then the nVidia
tutorials should work fine (if you can work
around any other non-related extensions they
may possibly use).

Don’t try to do CEM in software because it’s very slow.

Thanks for the comments.
No, my hardware does not support CEM, because I have a voodoo2. Does anybody know if there is an other way to do realistic environment mapping in runtime ? I’ve tried sphere mapping, but its still too 2-dimensional.


Dual paraboloid mapping is an option, so long as your hardware can do projective texturing. I don’t know if Voodoo2 can.

Dual paraboloid mapping is higher-quality than spheremapping, at the cost of using 2 textures or 2 passes, but less efficient and lower quality than cubemapping.

  • Matt