cstrike customs

when i try to get into a custom game and it gives me the message i must install the custom game cstrikei have already filtered to cstrike, but i can get into quickstarts, the wierd thing is when i filter cstrike and only people playing there are still servers without ctrike playing and there are servers with no poeple in them, what do i do???
p.s. i installed the full m,od version, i hear i have to do something with cusomt game when i first enter half-life, like click on cstrike custom game and activate it, but theres no cstrike. plz help me!!!

Sounds like your OpenGL is working just fine… so you might try posting your questions in a forum on 3D modeling, DirectX, husbandry, or finger painting.

Whatever you do, don’t go here: http://www.forumplanet.com/counterstrike/