csb file format

Not really a direct opengl question. I would like to use some mesh models which are in a obscure SGI graphics format (csb or Cosmo3D Binary). Have done a google but couldnt find any “easy” loader/converter. Does anyone know of one?

I guess you have to write a converter to your desired format on your own. You should take a look at SGI`s original CSB loader source code, which is available in the OpenGL Optimizer (evaluation) distribution.

Hope that helps…

Be careful what you use that code for and make sure you adhere to the license given at the top of the source.

It specifically says that you may only use it for software that is used in connection with Optimizer and not for any product competing with it. You might be okay if you don’t distribute your software, my legalese is not good enough to be sure.

Does anybody know of any open kind of documentation for .csb?

dirk, you are of course right if mikemor would simply use SGI’s source code. The source code shows how a csb file is internally structured. mikemor should write a loader of his own, for his personal projects. Additionally, there are open-source projects using OpenGL Performer’s pfb file format, which is closely related to Cosmo3D’s csb file format.

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Thanks guys. I just decided to use files in different format and abandoned the idea of using csb files. Seemed too difficult for the time I have right now. Thanks