Cs in Win XP - laggy mouse e keyboard. Opengl problem?

Babel Fish Translation, In English:
its opengl problem ?
I am with Win XP Pro and all the games aki are good, little HL. Have one geforce2 MX 32mb agp and ja I tested 3 types of mouse, usb, ps2 and serial and the problem I perceive that type is opengl…, in the game mouse moves 360graus motionless perfect but if I to walk and to move mouse he is stopping (of the some stopped type lag), slow and talz… e if I will be in the NVMAX and to bind V-Sync (ON) the game is 100% but fps of 100 goes for 60… E if I disconnect the V-Sync are giving lag of mouse when we walk. type eh to driver opengl? who can help me? how to configure? what I make? the q wants to say this v-sync… I places how much in nvmax, as to take off and to be good? they help

i am from brazilian
help me