Crystal Space is looking for engine/OpenGL programmers


Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D engine that runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. Check it out at

Crystal Space is an old project (started in 1997) and there used to be a lot of code that was designed with software rendering in mind. We are now in the process of getting rid of that heritage and we’re doing very well with this at the moment.

With the new renderer that we are working on at this moment we start from the assumption that 3D hardware is the default (which it is) and we also
allow features like shaders (CG, vertex and fragment shaders), stencil shadows, …

At this moment the new renderer design is working and most important things are done. However, there are still a lot of missing features and there is a
lot of testing, performance tweaking, and bug hunting that needs to be done. We also feel that we don’t have sufficient OpenGL knowledge in our team. We often encounter problems on some card/driver combination that we find difficult to solve.

So we need one or more new people in the team who have the following qualifications:

  • Very good C++ knowledge.
  • Very good OpenGL knowledge.
  • Be able to think about algorithms and work with them.
  • Be prepared to study how Crystal Space works internally and try to be fluent with the engine and renderer architecture.

When you join our team I will take considerable time to teach you how Crystal Space works internally.

So, give me a mail at or or visit us on irc in the room #CrystalSpace on the FreeNode servers.