cross platform? tutorials?


I’m sorry if this is an ignorant question but I’ve tried to search for the answer and come up empty. essentially: is the FCollada code easy to port? I’d like to run it on a linux box and parse in the things I need from the scene. Also, are there any tutorials on importing from DAE files using fcollada? I’d like to get up & running ASAP - or at least figure out if the technology is/isn’t viable for my purposes.



We currently do all our development on Windows for FCollada. We used to test on Linux and MacOSX, although that hasn’t happened in the past few months. So, the makefiles are present/available, but they are out-of-date. The code itself should be almost ready to compile with GCC: I usually got a few simple errors about object references not being ‘const’ and such…

FCollada also has no direct/simple samples, but you can look at the translator codes: ColladaMaya and ColladaMax are both based on it for their respective importers. We are currently modifying ColladaMaya and soon, ColladaMax, to use FCollada for the export, so we are investing into the technology.