Cross platform development

Hello all Im planning to create a multi platform renderer my main targets will be:


(future platforms)
Android OS

To my understanding the best way to approach this is to make use of OpenGL ES 2.0

I plan also to use SDL and GLEW

I would like to know if anyone else in here has tried something like this, some tips and resources on how to approach this problem will also be helpful


I too am try to do this. The trickiest part of this is that everything must be abstract. That means you can’t use Win32, MFC, ATL, Carbon, Cocoa, or X exclusively through-out the application. But feel free to use say QT 4.7.2 or GTK+.

Another way to think of it is, The earth is the OS. Normally you would build everything on earth(so to say). But when building things that also have to work on Mars and Venus, you need to create an abstract entity, or the Moon. then you simply create a “tether” that then your app and the OS use to communicate. This becomes very hard because when rendering with OpenGL (or any hardware accelerated drawing API), you need to render to an object that is embedded in the OS, so you have to be clever.

As for resources, I have found the following websites very useful:
Almost Any File Type
Mac OS X Carbon
MSDN for Win32, MFC, ATL, COM
Good Linux Docs

I hope this all helps!