crisper font

I am currently using the source for generating fonts from nehe’s outlined font tutorial. The font displays fine, but with one problem. The font really starts to look bad when scalled down/zoomed out. I know that this was probably going to happen, but is there a way to make the font look better? I have messed with the options and nothing seems to change it. Also, what does the height of the font do? when I change it, it doesn’t seem to effect the size of the font at all… I have to scale the font to get it to change size. Is there any way for me to have the font display better? Thank you anyone for your help.

Which type of font are you using? Have you looked into using the FTGL font library? It can produce some really nice fonts and you can also extrude them for 3D looks.

I’m also confused.I tried to change the width and height values of the function CreateFont().But they had no effect.Why? :confused:

I havn’t yet used the ftgl font stuff, but I will give it a try. I am currently using outline fonts, tahoma.ttf right now.