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Sorry about this, not really OpenGL related but…
Where can I find the Code Creatures demo NVidia talked about on one of their papers?! is down and I can’t find another link to it…

Please HELP!!!

I has been down for quite some time now. But i succeeded to download it from a third-party site maybe 3 weeks ago. Can’t remember the site URL though. I just remember i did a simple search on google and tried everything, so you might try…


It took me forever to find a working link… This one is quite slow but that’s the only one I found.



That’s a pretty crap demo/benchmark.
I was getting 10-15hz on a geforce4 ti4600 (in a dual p3 700mhz with 512mb).
Mmmm. Just for a bit of shoddy looking grass.
Maybe I’m hard to please.

I agree with Knackered. I was not very impressed with their demo for the same reason…performance was poor given the quality and amount of their effects.

I would suggest looking at nvidia’s squid demo to see something with lots of plant detail (and better motion) rendered efficiently.

– Zeno

I was getting 4 million tris per second - I haven’t got the gf4 specs to hand, but I can remember it being tens of times higher than that (granted in ideal circumstances, but still…).

It’s probably because they realised that their demo was giving poor performance that we cannot download it anymore…

Anyway, I should receive my new Dual Athlon 2000 today. So I’ll plug my GF4 4200 (the ones we got from the Gathering 2) in it and see what this is all about…

The only strange thing is that when you look at the System Reqs for the demo, they seem to need 128Mb of Video RAM… And from what you say, it looks like you need a very powerful machine to make it smooth. It had better being really nice with that kind of hardware !!!



Yes, they say increase your agp aperture size to 128 if your card doesn’t have 128.
But, as you know the gf4ti4600 has 128mb onboard - and it still ran terribly.
It’s similar to the ‘nature’ part of 3dmark2001, except with interleaved textured polygons along the ground planes giving the impression of lots of strands of grass…it’s an ok effect, but certainly NOT worth the frame rate price. It also has a small lake amongst the hills - and boy does the frame rate plummit when that hoves into view! (even though it looks very basic, no apparent per-pixel cubemap reflection, it looks like straight per-vertex dynamic cube mapping).

The Gathering only gave you a 4200? Tight b*stards!

Originally posted by knackered:
The Gathering only gave you a 4200? Tight b*stards!

I must say I was slightly disappointed to see that we didn’t get something with 128Mb RAM (yes, it’s the lowest 4200 with 64Mb only !) but I guess it’ll do until NV30 is released…

Do you know how this demo scales with the CPU speed? I notice you have a P3 700Mhz. I have a Dual P3 600Mhz and the performance of this machine is appaling on some benchmarks (for example the car chase part of 3D Mark 2001): one of my friends who’s running a faster machine with a lower gfx card (he has a GF2MX, I have GF3) obtains better results on this scene !!!

My point is, perhaps this demo is more CPU-dependant than GFX-card-dependant (which should be a shame for a gfx card benchmark !).

Anyway, I’ll try it at some point this week (could try it on my current machine actually…).



This demo probably didn’t run at 60 fps, but do you know a lot of demos with 300k polys that run at this framerate ? I get a pretty constant 25-30 fps (which is around 8 or 9 MTris/sec), which is ok to me given the complexity of the scene. Also, i don’t understand why you speak about the grass framerate price: it’s a benchmark after all, isn’t it supposed to stress-test your system ? Would you prefer a single textured landscape that runs at 300 fps ? I certainly don’t. The creatures demo is surely not perfect, and i agree the water effect looks average (simple environment bump-mapping?), but overall i think it’s a pretty good demo.


Originally posted by Ysaneya:
This demo probably didn’t run at 60 fps, but do you know a lot of demos with 300k polys that run at this framerate ?


Yes, you’re right - I’m being a bit hard on them. I think the frame rate is not the problem, it’s the inconsistancy of the frame rate - as the camera pans round it gives a real stop/start effect…really nasty.
Maybe it’s because they’re not utilising multi-processors, yes (only using 1 of my 700mhz P3’s) - but they should be doing, if it’s a true benchmarking program.

They also recommend a gigabyte of system RAM to measure “pure graphics card power”.
Like knackered, I thought it was a bit of a shoddy benchmark, and it’s also a bit of a joke if they want to use that as a sort of advertisment for their game technology.
“Make a game with our technology - the people with the best hardware might just get 24fps (sometimes)”

It’s also quite funny how they say it’s a multi-platform engine, but they’re using Direct3D…


I didn’t think it was too bad…

I got an average of 30fps and an average of 9.3million tris/second. I am assuming is is million? It says “mio” which seems to be that.

Athlon xp 1600+ with 256mb ram <-- i thought it would die with that amount, but it worked quite nicely.

Also, i have a leadtek geforce 4 ti4600

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