creative tnt2 value n quakeIII etc.

The configuration of my computer is as follows:
Motherboard Azza PT-6IET, chipset Intel 440EX/LX rev3, Award Modular BIOS v 4.51PG i.d. 08/19/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JP8EC-00
20 GB Hard disk
Creative Infra6000 CDRom drive
Yamaha ISA sound card
Motorola sm56 internal Modem
Previously I had Trident 9750 AGP 4MB video card, which I changed with Creative 3D Blaster TNT2 Value 64MB.
When I play QUAKE-III the system hangs as soon as the game starts. With JEDI KNIGHT the game goes on for a while before the system hangs. With PRINCE OF PERSIA the game may go on for variable time, which is unpredictable, and then the system hangs. With HUNTING FOR RED BARON again the game goes on for various time interval, which is unpredictable, before the system hangs. (All the games are demo versions).
The Readme File on the Installation CD says that with LX based motherboards I may have to upgrade the BIOS.
Please help me out with the problem.