Creation of multiple windows

hello everyone, i’m new in opengl and i’m new here too - seeking help from experts.
i’ve just written a programme that can create a window with a button pressed. but if i click on the ‘x’ on the top right of the window, the whole programme exits. is there any code that i can control the ‘x’ button so that it only closes the current window?
secondly, can i get the resolution of the screen automatically so that i can create a full screen window automatically. i want my programme to be able to run with any display resolution and use the dimension to separate the window into few viewports.
lastly (for the time being), can i set the printing options (paper size, etc. ) and print the display?
please give detailed explanation or sample code/syntax if possible. i’m new in opengl and still learning. thank you very much.


first you can check the MSDN to learn more about Win32 coding, this is a way to know how to display multiple windows (a system mother-daughter if you know what i mean) there is many special functions to make that
so, The MSDN web page

secundly, the same win32 lib allow coders to run program with any resolution, windowed or fullscreen, switch the current mode, etc…
I guess you can learn more about a superGLframework provided by NeHe web page

thirdly, I guess any library certainly exist to implement printing solutions, but i don’t know one, maybe the Win32 lib…

Finally, there is so many different way to implement function in opengl and generally in programmation that if someone teach you any way, he must influence you

erm, hope that helps :wink:
may the code be with you, the path to learn is hard and long (erks)

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