Creating portfolio - .dll too big?

I’ve been sending out a sample game to respective companies in search of a programming position, however I’ve always been worried about the size of the packaged files. In particular, I’ve been using the FreeImage library to load pictures, but the .dll alone is 2MB. The reason I’m concerned about this is the game isn’t particularly big, it’s a simple blow-em up. I just need a PNG and BMP loader. Are my concerns misplaced?

(sorry if I’m in the wrong forum, but yes I’m running OpenGL on Windows)

2MB is not that much. Anyway for a png loader, try libpng :
For a bmp loader, well, it is doable by hand, especially if you control the bmp format to be used. But bmps take a lot of space.

You could also try also stb_image.c - it is one small standalone .c file that can load popular image formats such as bmp, tga, jpg, png.