creating mmorpg

Hey, i would like some information about creating my own simple mmorpg game. Just for practise. I’ve been reading some articles about what you need to know/do when you start with your own MMO. So my starting goal is to create a basic login screen and after that a character selection screen.

So, i would like some indepth information about this stuff and how to program this. So i was hoping that there’s a book dedicated to real game programming/MMORPG’s. I’ve read the OpenGL Super Bible. So i would like to start with a book now which is all about creating your own basic MMO.

Do any of you know a book like this…??

Thanks for any help.

Wring forum. Ask at gamedev or so.

Learn a programming language first.

i would put it like this: if you are a pro in programming 3d stuff you will need a loooong time to create even a basic mmo. if you are not a pro then better forget it right away. games are made by bunch of professionals in various categories from programming, modeling, texturing, audio and so on. start with some simple samples of whatever category your are interested and continue in this field.

Not forgetting networking, the most crucial part of any online game.

right. that hurts.
never had my hands on network programming but know its really difficult to get it working right.

A bit late, but this books looks like a good start for MMORPG :