Creating icons

Hey. I am developing an interactive interface which has icons on it. The moment the user clicks on the icon the particular function is performed. I have used bounding boxes to implement the same. However now i want to make the icons look more graphical ie a pencil icon should have the picture of a pencil on it and so on.

Can u please suggest ways of doing this efficiently.(mey be some supporting links would be helpful)

When the user clicks on the square, you just need to know where it was clicked.
Also, keep the texture in RAM. Then use the coordinates to check the texture. If alpha is 255, then it counts as a hit. 0 means a miss.
Notice how all that doesn’t use GL at all.

Hey! I am already using bounding boxes. But i am not sure how exactly i could upload and save the textures in this bounding box region since i am not familiar with the concept. Could u please explain it a little more because I am not a pro in the topic and very much a beginner!I need help in uploading and saving the texture in the RAM

BTW what do u mean by alpha? One more thing is I tried using freeimage library to upload pics easily. However it is not recognizing the library at all. Can u please throw more light on this?