creating glyphs

Please Help,

I have an image that is being displayed through OpenGL and would like to display glyph(s) of some sort at various point(s) that are selected by the client. For instance, if the user selects point 0 (complete with X, Y, Z coordinates) I would like a “arrow” to point to this location with the head of the arrow at point 0. I would like every point that the user selects to have an arrow pointing to it separately (being the same size arrow as all the other arrows).

I realize this is probably pretty easy but I am still learning. Is there a link with the information that I am looking for? Or perhaps some simple example code?

Thanks in advance.

assuming your arrow is a bitmap with a hot point, like a mouse arrow, I would render that bitmap with a 2D projection, and with offsets computed to properly display the bitmap pointing to the point you want, does that make sense to you ?, are you rendering in 3D or 2D ?


Thanks for the reply. What you said makes perfect sense. I am rendering in 2D. I will give your suggestion a try.