creating glVertex2f for every new data value

I’m working on this robot project, that outputs some continuous values while the robot is moving. Currently, my code to draw these values are such below.

//Displacement of Robot
	glColor3f(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
	glLineWidth (3);
	glVertex2f(0, 0); // origin of the line
	glVertex2f(Y_VALUE, X_VALUE); // ending point of the 
        glEnd( );                                       line

So, while the robot is moving, it is constantly giving me new y-value and x-value, and I’m trying to develop a code where the current position of the robot is displayed on the computer screen. Thus, I need to figure out some type of loop that keeps creating a new glVertex2f function for every new x-value and y-value. For example

glVertex2f(0, 0); // origin of the line
glVertex2f(Y_VALUE_1, X_VALUE_1); 
glVertex2f(Y_VALUE_2, X_VALUE_2);
glVertex2f(Y_VALUE_3, X_VALUE_3);
glVertex2f(Y_VALUE_N, X_VALUE_N); 
glEnd( );

If I can figure this out, then the lines will be connected from the origin till the last x and y value. I will greatly appreciate any help provided. Thanks.

An array (std::vector) and simple loop inside glBegin :confused: