Creating a window without crl buttons & Title bar

Hi every body, my name is Luis and I’m new in this
forum. I trying to change slightly the window creating rutine: glutCreateWindow( char *) with
the posibility that it make without ctrl buttons
&& Title bar.

When I compare glutCreateWindow() and
glutCreateSubWindow() I see that the most meaningful difference between those is the first formal parameter (GLUTwindow * parent) when they call to __glutCreateWindow( NULL,
/* not game mode */ 0);

Another way to see the problem is that I want to
make a Subwindow like a Main Window. When glutCreateWindow() call to __glutCreateWindow()
( glut_win.c #456 ) the first formal parameter is a NULL pointer but in glutCreateSubWindow() is some pointer on __glutWindowList[win - 1] (glut_win.c #775) So I think the key is on __glutCreateWindow() more exactly with the use of window->parent in it, because much if sentences use this parameter to draw the rigth way the specific window.
If are thinking to probe put a NULL pointer into glutCreateSubWindow() {…} its not the correct way and any way its doesnt work.

I cant get the rigth way to do this…

Any idea or Hint ?
Thanks in advance, Luis

I have no Idea, though if you use the opengl gamemode(search or, or glutFullScreen you can make your window with no ctrl bar, though it will be fullscreen.