creating a GUI to input parameters for OpenGL scene

I would like to write a program that has a pallet where you can input values and an opengl window where things change as you modify those values. I am developing for the win2000 platform.

Is there any tutorial or sample code that could get me started?


You could try GLUI. If I recall correctly the manual has some working examples or tutorials you can work through. However, it only works with GLUT based applications. For non GLUT I would guess you would have to use the Win32 window objects but there could be other interfaces designed for GL out there.


I have done some fun stuff with OpenGL in VB, and not had any complaints. A lot of folks avoid it, thinking it is slow. I don’t know, depends. In an app I recently built, I used the commondialog.ShowColor to display the standard Windows pallet to the user (they could even make a custom color), and then fed this to my RC. Just a thougt.


Thanks for your hints
I have investigated GLUI and seems to fit my needs

Have fun