crashes while playing counter strike in internet games

I have a video card Intel 740 and i had the driver version 3.2 and I updated it to 4.0, then i downloaded the openglsetup and updated it too, but since then while playing counter strike I cant connect to servers in internet games. It appears “could not complete connection attempt” just when its going to start. It only hapens when in video modes I choose Opengl, i tried choosing “software” and it works but with a very very bad graphic quality. I dont know what to do, This only happens in internet games, but not by LAN (with bots). What can I do?

How can I go back to the opengl version I had before installing the opengl setup?? which is the most recent version of the opengl (not a beta) and where can I download it from???

You dont need anything else but the latest drivers from Intel, OpenGL support is integrated into thoose.

There is no need to download/install anything else.

GLSetup is an very old program that identifies your card and installs the drivers from the manufacturer. I wish they would take the website down as it is nothing but confusing (they havent updated anything since 2001 anyway).