cpu usage..


I have a simple opengl-scene running, and I just noticed that Cpuidle shows 100% cpu-usage. Multiple instances of my win32-opengl-scene still run smoothly, as do all the other apps, except my 3d-java-applet running in IE which slows into 1-2 fps crawl. Can somebody explain to me why this happens? The java-applet is simple and threaded, and as the multiple instances of my opengl-proggie run ok. it can’t be taking all the CPU-time, right?



Sound like your main message pump is running some kind of OnIdle processing whenever the message queue is empty. That’ll certainly use up any free cycles without affecting the responsiveness of your other programs too much.

As for the Java applet slowing down, I think this is a “feature” of the Win32 Java VM’s threading model, I don’t think it’s your Win32 program being rude. In my experience, if you run the same Java app twice, the one without the focus slows to a crawl.

cpuidle (your talking about cpuidle the programme right?) should always show %100 cpu usage. This is because cpuidle is taking up the free cycles and resting your cpu. I was a little confused at first when he told me, now it makes sense in some backwards way.

hmm… I think it shows the idle-time… at least mine does, the Andreas Goetz’s proggie that is… 99%idle on about anything but the ogl-proggie, then it floors to 0%… I think It probably is due something like the message-pump and the ‘feature’ of java VM like mike suggested… but how to get rid of it?

btw, multiple instances of the java-applet run fine, it’s only the ogl-proggie which doesn’t like to play with the applet… and vice versa…


Different priorities?