CPP compiler stupid question

I have installed and running
SuSE Linux 10.2
Anjuta CPP compiler
I am envolved with fractal image encoding and scene renderers at different Hurst exponents using FFT and sometimes random midpoint selection techniques. I used to do this years ago when turbo C++ (Borland) actually came with primitive pixel routines.

My question is, can I make Anjuta do it’s thing and also recognize the Mesa (Open GL) functions. If doable is there a slick trick that I’m missing?
Mesa is a lot more elaborate than I was used to but but Mesa itself looks like major fun if I can make this work.

Many thanks in advance

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking…

But Anjunta is just an IDE, the compiler it uses should be able to compile anything (I’ll assume you’re using gcc or icc, so you’re fine on that front). If you’re referring to some of the intellisense-like features (such as auto-complete) then Anjunta’s plugins for that should work fine for anything you include the headers off… (or whatever other requirements the plugins have… though autocomplete specifically just requires you include the headers)

If for some reason you don’t like Anjunta (I know from personal experience, it’s … far from polished), you may want to try Code::Blocks, similar style, much bigger community, cross platform, etc… A much better product imo.

Good luck!

Your main issue should simply be displaying your images. Create a gl context and glDrawImage to place your results on the screen if you’re just generating the fractal images in software.