cout ? How can I get some message on the standard output ?

I wrote my first openGL sourcecode, but I didn’d get something on my console window, when I wrote: cout << “something”.
How can I put some messages to the console ?

What kind of console? A DOS console? And what type of program is it, Windows or Console?

Thanks for your replay. Answer to your question: A consle from Windows 2000, I use mingnu environment, gnu compiler, the bash Shell, and glut.

Well, if you’re using GNU tools, the output should be going to the shell from which you launch your app… but if you launch it by “double clicking”, you probably won’t have a console at all.

Try running your program from the bash shell.

Thanks. I launch my programm from the console, I tried the cmd (Windows 2000) and the bash shell from the mingnu environment. When I launch a programm with OpenGL / Glut , the standard output doesn’t appear on the console.

Does somebody use the mingnu environment under Windows 2000 to program OpenGL?

What compiler, IDE do you use to program?
How do you debug your code?

I use <code>glut</code>. If I do not use the method <code> glutMainLoop() </code>, I get the standard, but the Window doesn’t appear. Has somebody this problem to?