OK, first I thanks Villan007 for solving the problems with OpenGL for XP on my Voodoo 3 !!!That driver of yours works well! I have just one more problem: If I play CS my ping is too high! It’s really that high that you can’t play for fun anymore. My connection is good enough (ADSL in the Netherlands with 64 kb/s), it’s not my provider (I still download files with 54 kb/s) and it’s not the CS-server (I tried lot of them). So I think this is about CS, but I don’t understand one bit of the problem! I know this is not a OpenGL related question, sorry for that, but I searched half the internet for a answer and I hope anyone here cn help me so that I can play CS normally again!!!
(half a year ago I played CS with a normal ping on Windows 98, so I don’t think my system requirements are the problem).
Is there something I need to change in CS???

I hope someone can help me… Thanks

Hey try to use this command

cl_updaterate 80
cl_cmdrate 80

you have to draw the console down and wrigt them there ! hope they work

It actually is an OpenGL problem, or not a problem, just some stupid crap with the default settings - You need to go into the advanced display properties … the click on the tab that has your video card name (or it might just say OpenGL) … Anyways, search around and find where the OpenGL settings are and you want to turn OFF “Verticle Sync” … then you want to find out where the “3D ANTI-ALIAS” settings are and turn that OFF as well - click apply … that should definatley fix your problem … but to overclock your card just a little more for CS … in the CS console type “fps_max 100” … then type “rate” it will tell you what your rate is … now I do not know if you have a good computer or bad one … but I would just add 3000 to whatever it says your rate is (the max you can put in is “9999”) So, for example, if you type in “rate” in your console and it said “4999” you would type in the console “rate 7999” (or whatever you want, not going over “9999”) If for some reason this creates lag then that means you did a little too much and want to drop the rate down … do it by 1000’s until the lag goes away. … Next thing to do is type in the consule “net_graph 3”. This will display your FPS in the bottom right hand corner of your screen …

Doing all this will overclock your card pretty good and make CS run smooth. You can tell how much a difference is made by checking out your ping and looking at how many FPS you are getting.

With my super card and super system I can get 99 FPS (max) with usually a 25-30 ping.