Counter Strike

I have ATI Radeon GraficCard and Windows 2k! Is there any Opengl I can download for windows 2k? I cant play with Direct 3d because the first time i connect to a server in cs it allways disconnecting and when it has done that and i use direct 3d the screen only turns black! If I run opengl doesn’t the consolscreen dissapear total and i can only see about 1/4 part of the gamescreen! Please Help Me Someone!

I think that you can only play cs with Direct3D on a Radeon. You can check with ATI.

When i loading for the first time in counter-strike it allways disconnecting and if I play with direct 3d then the screen only turns to black when the main-menu should come up!

Yes, it should work with both but if you read the release notes for your drivers from ATI do you know for sure. I think that some games only works for OpenGL and others are D3D only with the Radeon.
Check that you have the latest drivers from ATI and the latest patches for the game.