CoUnTeR-StRiKe PrObLeM w!tH WiNdOwS XP!!! PLZ HELP ME !!!

i have a problem with counter-strike on windows xp.
i always getting a message with: “your 3dcard does not support the openGl you selected” , but i have a NVIDIA RIVA TNT and the opengl mode doesnt work on counter strike. CaN SoMeBoDY HeLp Me Please!!!
SoRrY for the bad language i come from holland

XP doesn’t like the riva TNT. Your best bet is to upgrade your graphics card. If you’re short of cash, go for a GeForce2 MX, they’re really cheap at the moment amd a good card.

that is not true
i have a nvidia gforce 2 MX, and i get the same error:
open gl is not supported by your videocard
i also use windows XP
but the stange thing is, that whenever i reboot, i can play with opengl without problems, but when i exit the game counter-strike, and reconnect on another server, suddenly windows doesnt support open gl anymore (?)
i have already tried everything

i found out how to solve the problem (it worked on me)
copy the “opengl32.dll” file from c:/windows/system32 into your gamedirectory

then it should work

copy it for ex. in :

then it should work again

take everything back
i thought with copying the opengl32.dll file, the problem would be solved…
but the error keeps on coming, i always have to reboot up to two times before im able agauin to play with open gl

i had this problem and i know how to fix it!
okay only with this senario can i fix it: u just installed win xp, u want to play cs u select opengl as ur vid mode cos d3d is ****ty. ok u run the game ahhh no! can wont let me. heres the fix go to the microsoft autoupdates website. theres a link in start menu > programs. wait for it to find all the updates u need, go to drivers and select the nvidia driver. (deselct any updates u dont want) the file is about 5.6mb, then reboot. and play!


What driver r u talking about??? i searched the entire microsoft page and there IS no such thing a an Nvidia driver!!! what’s the driver’s name?

Well it’s in the optoinal list when you upgrade. The best thing you could probably do is to go the tha g-card’s manufacturer’s site and download the latest drivers for you graphics card.

My GF2 ran fast on windows 98 but when i upgraded to XP, it ran like crap. But after i updated the drivers from their site it not only ran well, it ran FASTER than before. I don’t remember exactly when, but nvidia released new drivers for its cards recently. Check those out.

right, my method of fixing it has failed!
i now have a job so a shiny new pc 4 myself, or a shiny new geforce 4 mx

LMAO!!! WinXp does not supported OpenGl Gl

windows does not support OpenGl Dog68th?
u dont know anything about it …offcours it supports Opengl!!! hahahha what an idiot

Actually he’s partially correct. The drivers that come with Windows XP don’t contain any OpenGL support. You have to go get a driver from the vendor in order to get the OpenGL support. Its pretty crappy of Microsoft. :stuck_out_tongue: