counter strike openGL problem

Hey, I have a problem running counterstrike in openGL mode. The game just stops responding once the “loading…” screen comes on. I’v already downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers but that didn;t help. Does anyone have a clue about this??

I have a P4 1,5 GHZ, 768mb, nvidia gforce FX 5600, all on an ASUS P4B motherboard… Hope someone can help me out, thanks!


i have an opengl problem with Counterstrike as well when open CS the screen goes to the lower left corner and then around it on the top and right side is a whole lot of garbage. I am running a ATI 9600 pro AIW, and i have updated to catalyst 3.10 and it still happens.

I also have same problem of Freeze on Loading… screen.
My SYstem Configuration is
Cel 900 Mhz, 128 Mb RAM, 815e Board, GF2 MX400 4x AGP

i’m having the same problem. the only thing different is that sometimes my pc gets really wierd… music stops, monitor turns off, etc…

my config:

p4 2.0
640mb ram ddr 266
ge force 4 mx 440


I also have the same problem, in OpenGL mode sometimes (always at random times theres no pattern that I can see) my monitor goes into stand-by and the sound stops (play the same last second of noise over and over again)

I can’t find any kind of update for OpenGL drivers anywhere. Can anyone give any help as to how to fix it or what might be the cause? Thanks