Counter-strike & OpenGL (ATI RADEON)

I have been running counterstrike in Open GL 1024x768 on my windows 2000 - 128mb RDRAM - ATI 64 mb Radeon VE system perfectly fine for 2 months, but out of the blue it says “The selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card” whenever i try to join a game. Any suggestions?

Hey … yo i had a ATI Radeon 64DDR NON_VIVO(removed specialy) so… i ran Half Life CS on win 98 , had to install Alternate drivers because the most recent had like RADEON 7200/RADEON … this one sucked on Open GL…so i use the alternate and it worked fine… ok now i have a Radeon 7500 so i need the latest drivers that supports new Built by ATI cards (7000,7200,7500,8500) so … thats the latest drivers but i dont like Open GL on it…it works…but really slow FPS , and i think u know… on the COLT M4 Carbin, where you put your hand , was to big…same as some place in the USP pistol … what i mean is the newest open GL drivers with latest ATI drivers sucks… its slow and models are screwed up , im just waiting for new drivers while playing on that NOT BAD Direct3d … but i never had a “Not supported by your video card” problem. What i recommand u is to download the latest ATI drivers, and use Direct 3d… try to contact me by email … i will try to tell you when glsetup will suport new Radeons … (if you have an old Radeon (1st release) go download GLSetup at or .org now) if u dont ill contact u by email…

Sorry i forgot… … that is, when i had my Radeon 64DDR it was the best Open GL drivers i coud find! it was REALLY good …so go download it now that i saw u have an 1st release Radeon, im sure it will work! the device name shoud be like … Radeon DDR … like mine was, now im just waiting for it to support Radeon 7500…coz DAMN I HATE PLAYING ON DIRECT3d . bet u do 2… something u didnt told i what your OS is … mines Win98 so…(glsetup dosent work on NT/2000/XP) … so whatever men try to get glsetup drivers for your Radeon it might work on half life after… or download the latest or alternate drivers for your card on … men good luck,but im gonna need some 2 for my Radeon 7500 on OpenGL :stuck_out_tongue:

oh sorry u have Win 2000 … i gave my old Radeon DDR to a comp that haves windows 2000 … ok so try to download the latest drivers on … good luck men… and i will tell you something: I ALLWAYS HAD MOTHER ****EN PROBLEMES WITH ATI DRIVERS! /// imagin a computer n00b lol