Counter Strike Mod

hello. I have an ATI Radeon 64meg DDR card in a HP KAYAK with 380megs RAM running win2k pro. Once in a while, when I open my Counter Strike Game I get the error “the opengl setting is not supported by your card”. The setting is at 640x480 which I play on all the time and does not change. The only way I have found to get rid of this issue is to re-install windows2k (re-installing the game does not work). Any ideas why this might be happening? This will be my 4th time re-installing win2k in the last month (i expect that with microsoft products, but thats a little excessive for even microsoft) and im getting tired of it.

Thanks in advance!!!

I bet this is the DVA=0 problem.
Sometimes do Windows try to protect you from the horror of hardware accelerated 3D and puts in the line DVA=0 in win.ini. Removing that line should fix the problem.