could you check my demo???

Hi guys
Could you see my demo, and give me some feedback?
I would like to know it the speed is ok in your machines…

the link is\brunomtc\



Tried it out on my creative blaster riva tnt2 ultra (32 mb) with amd athlon 650 128 mb in full screen and looks good… speed is good… maybe slow down the up down looking though

Great frame rates…i get average of about 210 fps on a p3 733 w/ 128 mb pc600 rdram and geforce1 64mb. Also SBLive audio card, and sound comes in great. No noticable graphical glitches.

Some bugs: the lighting doesnt come in correctly on different sides(ie. from the back of the guy it looks bright, but when you go around to other side its dark!). Some of the walls can be walked through. And if you turn off the sound, you cant turn it back on. One other thing is the control, its somewhat hard to control in there, especially with the infamous “sticky” walls!

Overall a very good demo, especially the dancing guy.

Good Luck!

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Hi there
thanks for checking
You say you can’t turn the sound back?? are you sure? I don’t have that problem here…
you say that is possible to walk trough walls, but in what cases?? What do you do to be able to walk trough them??
I have some problems with lights, tryng to solve them
thanks for the feedback


I went to geocities to see, and at first i couldn’t download the file too…, at second time i was sucessuful… try more than once


Yeah, it’s me again (geocities sucks), I got the demo off of nehe’s site =D. Good job, if you don’t mind me askin, how long have you been messing w/ OpenGL, and how much previous experience w/ programming. It looks cool… It’s a bit dark if you go around the soldier and then look at him, sound was fine, i thought it wouldn’t turn back on for a second, hit f2 twice, and it worked… =D. Nice, I hope to get something like this working by the time summer is up =D.

Btw, how long is the source?, and can you make an option for the inverted mouse? like if I move the mouse up, it looks up?? Just a suggestion… looks great!

Originally posted by Bruno:

you say that is possible to walk trough walls, but in what cases?? What do you do to be able to walk trough them??

I found a hole @ x~=-163, z~=-500… too tired to find others… 5am here, hehe… cya, and good luck


Not to shaby! Sound is ok (even though I’ll prefer differend music).

<picky mode>
I’m probably TOO picky but the animation of the water should be faster (look’s a bit jerky) and there is no collision detection to the soldier yet (you need that anyway).
</picky mode>

Bruno keep up your exellent work!

For those who can’t download the file:

Ever tried to press the RIGHT mouse button and say SAVE AS… (it’s a zip file you are clicking on, not a html file…)

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I forget this one.

I also can’t enable the sound after I disabled it (having a SB Live in the box if this is of any help).

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I am not sure where, but there was an area where i could walk right through the wall, and go outside and see everything…as for the sound i still cannot get it to work after turning it off. Hope you fix those sticky walls!!

yeah, i’am aware of the problems with the collision detection…, it’s fixed already, i haven’t noticed ,could you believe it?? ))
it’s on the corners, right??
I’m fixing several problems that are being reported…, man i forgot lots of things

thanks for the feedback )


I couldn’t get the sound to get back on UNTIL the menu was up… if that helps any