could not initialize opengl

i’m running win2000 and have an ati mobility m4 video card. these problems seemed to start without any new software/hardware

programs such as word and excel doesn’t work properly. when editing text, the display won’t refresh. if i scroll the page up/down it gets refreshed.

programs using opengl says "could not initialize opengl(such as sisoft

direct x diagnose(dxdiag) gives this error: “Direct3D test results: Failure
at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT = 0x8007000e (Out of memory)”.

if i disable hardware acceleration, opengl works. i have reinstalled the videodrivers. i have also installed Driectx8.1. could that cause problems?

On Win9X can a program that is using OpenGL and is crashing have the result that a line DVA=0 is inserted in win.ini.
After that will OpenGL not be hardware accelerated until that line is removed. It seems like you have a similar problem.

this was not a solution. i’ve reinstalled win2000, the drivers and directx. nothing fixes the problems ;(