Could not find a transform with SID=visibility


I’m having problems loading a .DAE file into Flash’s Papervision 2.0. I’ve seen this already discussed on this forum here, but there’s no solution posted.

It seems as though, when I load models into Papervision using the provided DAE parsing support, animations from the DAE files aren’t always being parsed successfully. I’ve done a lot of testing and noticed that it seems to be models with longer animation that exhibit the problem.

When the model loads successfully, I get a summary of animation content that makes sense, for example:

COMPLETE (#channels: 2 #frames: 45, startTime: 0 endTime: 2.5)

When the model doesn’t load its animation successfully, I get a summary of animation content that looks like this:

COMPLETE (#channels: 0 #frames: 0, startTime: 0 endTime: 0)

I have one DAE file that works every time; I’ve never seen it fail in this manner yet. I did notice that it has a shorter animation time, though.
The model that often fails was built in and exported from Maya. I think it’s unlikely that the reason for failure is due to a particular animation technology not supported by Papervision, since the Maya artist and I have gone over this already, and he has given me a couple of really simple models, with and without simple animation, for testing. Besides, the animation does work correctly when it decides to load in properly.

When I have my Papervision flash app running in the Flash authoring environment (meaning trace output shows) I get updates when each channel of animation loads. It seems to be that, after these have loaded, I get another message: Could not find a transform with SID=visibility. Whether that shows or not, what comes next is the animation summary I’ve given two examples of above. When I get the ‘Could not find’ error, the animation summary is all at 0, and no animation works.

I hope that’s enough information!


Does you content have an SID with that value? Can you post it?

It sounds like there is an animation that is toggling a flag in the content that is not resolving.