Could anyone please help me?

currently when i try to run a game, it said"could not load open gl subsystem" what should i do? i have analyse my computer and the drive is nvdia, aladdin tnt2. However when i download the latest drive from nvidia (drivers download category,graphics driver, geforce and tnt2, windows xp) when i try to install it, it said could not find the hardware. what’s going on??? help me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

by the way, i am using window xp professional 5.1 version 2600. But i have tried the xp professional one from nvidia too. It still the same thing. Oh my god ~
any help would be greatly appreciated.=)

one more thing, the display hardware is actually come onboard. It’s not an individual device. what should i do in order to solve the"could not load open gl subsystem" ??

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