Could anybody point me to a paper which covers the theory of OpenGL lighting?

I’m a Newbie to OpenGL, with limited mathematical knowledge, developing a DLOD T&L engine for OpenGL in Delphi ( ), and would need a paper on the theory of lighting in OpenGL, I have the 1.1 OGL (get constant server busy when trying to dl 1.2.1 Specs??) specs, but the info there does little to nothing for me.


In The OpenGL Programming Guide - there is
a section in the chapter on lighting that
discusss the mathematics

Seems like there’s no way around buying that book Thank you

openGL programming guide is also online so u dont have to buy it. I dont remember the url though, but i think its somewhere here att

I found it, thanks
The URL is:

However, the section on the mathematics there cover to much of the how and to little on the why for my special case…