correspondence 3D points with 2D points

Hello everybody, this is the issue:

I have 3D points for which I know their index order.
I have images of chessboard
I have then 2D points coming from the detection of the corners in the chessboard.
the number of 2D points is the same as 3D points but I don’t know the indexing of the 2D points.

I would like to understand if there is any way to create the same indexing for both 3D with the 2D and create their correspondences.

Many thanks.

I don’t understand the relationship between the 3D points and the 2D.
If you make the corner detection of a chessboard you get a grid a point, witch relationship there is between the 3D points and the chessboard?
You can reply in Italian if you want. :slight_smile:

one way to index ur 2D points is to use an asymetric chessboard where the number of rows is not the same for columns.

i guess ur trying to calibrate ur internal camera parameters, another way is to use OpenCV library ,it will do everything for u (look for cvCalibrateCamera2 in the doc)

Abdallah yes, thanks for the reply.
Yes I’m doing camera calibration so I picked some points in 3D which correponds to 2D pixel. now, both the picking in 3D and 2D it’s manually but of course to run the calibration and solve the pinhole camera system the two dataset must be in correspondance with eachoter.
Unfortunately i can’t use OpenCV at the moment as we’re testing a new methods.