Correct Texture Generation

I’ve posted this message in the Advanced section and I got no reply so far, so I think that perhaps this is a better place to post the Question :

                            Let's say that I have a really complex mesh (complex in terms of poly count & geometry ). The ideea is to generate Correct Texture Coords ( if possible have OpenGL
                            generate them for me ). I want to be able to have planar mapping, cylindrical & spherical ( I've managed to generate textures that look like metal reflections but this
                            time i want to spheremap a WOOD texture, so GL_OBJECT_LINEAR )

                            ( I might be foolish but I'm eager to learn )

Hi !

OpenGL can only generate texture coordinates for simple objects, sphere, cube cylinder and so on, for complex object you have to do it yourself, if you have nurb surfaces you can also get the texture coordinate spretty easy.

But in most other cases you are on your own, I don’t know of any good tutorials on this at the moment though.