Correct OpenGL code in CodeWarrior doesnt work

Im programming using CodeWarrior 4.0.4 and OpenGL 1.2.1 and I have a problem that occurs now and then.

My absolutely correct code suddenly doesnt work anymore, even though it work i earlier “runs” in CodeWarrior it might just stop working…and it may also start working again without any change… The problem is that no code at all works, the GL-window jus turns black…key events and such stuff still works but nothing that have with the graphics to do…

I hope someone know how to solve this one…btw Im using glut if thats important to know…

If your in single buffer, you MUST use glFLush(). Do you use it???
Another thing, if you use GLUT it’s buggy in classic mode!!!

Well, I use glut and double-buffering. I dont run it on OS X but in the standard OS 9…(not classic). That it could be bugs have actually crossed my mind…well thanks anyway!

Don’t use carbon with your old codewarrior, Some libraries are not carbonized, and will call non-carbon functions when executed. You should make only classic applications with your old codewarrior. If you really want to make carbonized apps, use the latest version of codewarrior or MPW!

How do I choose to use non-carbon libs then?

Use the libs that you need, but not the libs that contain the word “carbon” on them. Don’t use the carbonized versions of the stub libraries, don’t use carbonized code.

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