Correct glx.spec?

The one on the registry page is horribly broken. Most functions are lacking the display parameter, there are some functions that don’t exist in the specification, and at the end of the file are some extension functions that don’t seem to belong there.

I found a (rather old) patch on sgi’s ogl-sample mailing list, which fixes most problems, but it seems unofficial. I also found the cvsweb interface for the sample implementation, but it does not appear to have any rules for building glx.h and instead has a static version.

So, is there a correct and up-to-date glx.spec somewhere or do I just need to hack my way with the broken one?

Which version are you interested in?I remember starting to program openGL oi linux with 1.4 spec and it worked fine for the most part (I don’t remember any problems with function prototypes anyway).

The specification PDF is fine. What I’m writing here is a program that needs to use an LD_PRELOAD library to wrap the OpenGL calls of another program. Since there are a lot of functions, I decided to write a script that generates the wrappers from the .spec files. gl.spec worked well, but with glx.spec I ran into the aforementioned problems.

glx.h just comes with your OS or your graphics driver right? I never installed anything special (except the driver), GLX 1.4 just works fine for me on Ubuntu 8.04 with the latest Ati catalyst driver.

Never mind, I understand what you’re after now.

Check mesa’s repository. If I remember correctly, they are maintaining glx specs in XML format.

Unfortunately Mesa’s xml files for glX are unsuitable as well. They seem to only contain stuff for the wire protocol, not the client-side API.