Copying FBO to window back buffer without using textures?

First of all, I must clarify I’m supposing EXT_framebuffer_object functionality (with EXT_framebuffer_blit if necessary). Yes, I know it was promoted to ARB extension, and later promoted to core functionality, but I’m considering EXT_framebuffer_object for the moment.

Is it possible to copy the contents of a FBO to a window back-buffer without using textures? How? I’m reading in the EXT_framebuffer_object and EXT_framebuffer_blit specifications that glReadBuffer() must take a FBO if FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING_EXT is nonzero (and the same applies to glDrawBuffer)… so… how are you supposed to do a glCopyPixels from an FBO to a window? Also, EXT_framebuffer_blit introduces the glBlitFramebufferEXT() function, but it seems to operate with FBOs only…

Do you need to go through glReadPixels() and glDrawPixels() if you don’t want to use textures?