Copying buffer objects

Hi there,

I’m trying to copy a buffer object, but I want the transfer to be executed server side. I would like to do that with both vertex buffer object and texture buffer object. How do I perform such a copy?


How do I perform such a copy?
I don’t think they have a function for that. Maybe they should.

I never used PBOs, so i am just guessing, but i thought such a thing would be possible with it, no?

I mean, of course “copying” would mean, that you first create a second buffer object and set the same states for it, and then you only actually copy the content of the first buffer into the second, which AFAIK can be executed on server-side using the pixel-buffer-object extension.

Read the spec for that, it should make it clear, whether what you want to do can be done.


Thnx guys. Just to be sure: I want to copy (or duplicate) a TBO. So I don’t think a PBO will be involved while copying? Am I right?

Of course I need to set up a second buffer with the same properties. But what should I do to iniate the copy? glTexImage for the TBO’s for instance requires a void* to a data buffer, whereas I only have a GLuint identifying the TBO at the server side.

Any ideas still?

What is a TBO?

Texture Buffer Object, it was introduced on the Geforce 8800.

I would imagine that you could offscreen render it onto a quad then copy from that.