Copy Texture to Texture

Is there any method for copying some or all of a texture to another texture? I know you can take raw pixel data and copy it using glTexSubImage and you can copy from the framebuffer using glCopyTexImage, but I don’t see anything for copying directly from texture to texture.

No one knows anything about this? I’m shocked.

Nobody answered because there is no answer. It can’t be done without creating a temporary copy somewhere.

– Tom

Telling me it isn’t possible “is” an answer. Thanks.

If the texture you want to copy is compatible with ARB_render_texture, then you could create a PBuffer of the same dimensions and format as the original texture and do a render-to-texture pass to do the copy.

I’m not sure if it makes you feel better, but the OpenGL 2.0 proposal adresses this problem (glCopyImage1D/2D/3D in OGL2_MemManagement_1.13.pdf )

OpenGL 2.0 won’t help me right now, but thanks for the information.