Copy from texture memory to frame buffer


I’d like to do a simple thing.
I have an image that I would like to draw as a background of me scene. I would like it to stay in video memory, and fastly blitting in the framebuffer. The way I do it now is binding it as a texture and then draw a big polygon. Is there a better way?
I guess I am asking for the inverse of glCopyTexImage2d…

Thanks a lot


I tried doing the “Bitmap Draw” thing for
backgrounds, and it was much slower than
just texturing a quad (or many quads, if you
have the 256x256 texture size limitation).
Make sure you put the quad sufficiently into
the Z axis (but not outside the frustum) and
you’ll do fine.

drawing a quad is the quickest way. cause its a background u dont need to clear the colour buffer first also set the depth range up rally high + glDepthFunc(GL_ALWAYS); then u dont need to clear the depth buffer as well