I draw in 2D with glpoints x, z. Now how to rotate that view to get a 70’ side view?
So I do as above pitch rotation but which points do I draw in 2D? Confused…

What’s a 70° side view? Could you please state what you’re trying to do?

I’m drawing with glvertex2f glpoints in 2D(looking from above). I’ve x,y,z points and want to look from the side and not from above. (like flying into a valley seeing mountains on the side)
What/how exactly would glvertex2f look for that?
Many thanks

So if I get you right, you basically want something like a hallway? The choice of glVertex2f and the desire to obviously create an illusion of a 3D world perplex me.

It’s a moving map in 2D for an airplane and i get x,y,z from a terrain probe. So my problem is only to move from x,y topview to a side view somehow. I’ve previously tried glrotate for heading but got some black/background glpoints. Maybe I simply need to know what/which and how to display x and or y and or z axes.
for topview I only do
for x < mapsize
for y