coordinates problem

i have a bunch of coordinates(.nff file) which will generate a landscape of ones place.

i was expecting that the coordinates consist only for the landscape. But after opening the file (.wrl) in 3DExploration, i noticed that the coordinates are for landscape and building on it.

how to separate the objects coordinates (building and landscape), so that i can only pick the landscape coordinates.

If you are using 3DExploration, look just to the bottom left of the pane where the model is being previewed. If the “Objects List” box is not present, click on View–>Show Objects. Then look at the “Objects List” pane and you should see that the individual objects can be turned on and off in the preview pane.
Just be sure that when you export, you select the option to export only the selected or visible objects. This will save the appropriate information about the objects you want, leaving the rest out.



thanks for your suggestion.

i did as mentioned, and it went well. but new things came out, which is confusing me.

the coordinates given by 3DExploration were too small compared to the original coordinates i have.

i saved the file in .cpp. it happened that the file contains array for indicies and verticies.

i hope you could explain the difference between verticies and indicies… does indicies important, and should be included when we do the landscape.

thanks in advance

Well, let’s see here. I just got into work this morning, and I’m not quite with it yet (need another mountain dew). I don’t know if I completely understand your question, but let’s try this:

Within the “Save As…” dialog, make sure that “Show Export Dialog” is checked. Now, after you pick a name for your file, the Export Dialog appears. If you notice, at the bottom, there is a group of radio buttons titled “Rescale”. Using these radio buttons you can adjust various aspects of how large the model is (in the identity matrix).
On a side note, you could just pushmatrix and scale the scene if it isn’t large enough.
Well, nonetheless, check out that dialog. The default size = 1.0 and origin = 0, 0, 0 will usually be sufficient, however, providing you scale the object. <shrug>

Hope that helps. /me yawns and hits the soda machine again.


thanks Glossifah!

it helps so much. thanks for your ideas.