Coordinates after rotation


I’m planning to write a program that needs to rotate certain points in 3D space. I only need the coordinates after rotation, so I don’t need to draw anything on the screen. I was wondering if there is a function that can return coordinates of the points/locations after rotating them? My program needs to be fast, so can that be conducted using Vertex Buffer Object (vbo) type fast algorithm.

Are there any other tools that may benefit GPU when doing the rotations, e.g. 3D-vector multiplication functions?

Thank you very much!

Applying transforms to points on the GPU is so fast that you may want to just do those in-line in whatever GPU shader or kernel you’re going to use them in.

If you really need to just transform the points alone and store them in a buffer, read up on Transform Feedback.

If you’re planning to use the results on the CPU, you may want to consider whether you really need the GPU doing this work.