Converting process

Hi guys, I’m starting to code OpenGL right now!
So I need to know if there is a way to convert a Blender (.blender) project to .c format.


That’s not exactly a Day-1 lesson when learning OpenGL. There are many tools available online for learning how to write OpenGL code; you should use one of them.

The best way to learn is to not be “results oriented.” That is, you shouldn’t start off looking for a solution to a specific problem (like loading a model file). You should be trying to learn how to write graphics code. Once you understand that, then you can start working on how to adapt your new knowledge to solve that problem you were concerned about.

I dont know, I am really just a noobie. But to each their own, I myself prefer to set an objective based goal such as the very thing he talks about. And you probably will need to know to know how to do that. But as the senior member states… Your going to find my suggestion below… and be like, awesome go and try it… and it wont work, probably. I was new to opengl and I did this very thing. In my mind it made sense to develop an automated way of importing 3d objects. But, I have spent more time recently working with the sample template that came with Xcode than I have at all since importing that “so called automated way of importing 3d objects” Importing objects is a really really small portion of opengl from what im gathering so far. Thats as simple as defining a matrix.

To answer the original question:
Yes, there is a way to do it. But its not really simple.

You will want to search for “python script header file blender”

basically it will direct you on how to install an “exporting script” that can essentially export all the data points in a way that the python script is setup. You can modify to save all the triangles as “Hallelujia” if you wanted to… And you WILL want to modify it to suit your needs. Dont get forget which way your axis are going from blender to opengl… and dont forget opengl only reads triangles…and dont forget how to use python good.

ahh hell…You know what? go give it a whirl.