Converting Integers


I know all my post are probably getting anoying but I need the info I won’t have the net for 2 weeks after this sunday.

Anyways I have a font function In my program that uses char string variable. The program that I am using it for counts points that can go very high and in my other programs I would just use if statements to change the numbers to char. If I put an integer variable in my function it will give me an error saying it can’t convert integer to char. Does anybody have any Ideas?

here is the code in case you need it.

void renderBitmapString(float x,float y,float z,char *string) {
char *c;
glTranslatef(x, y,z);
for (c=string; *c != ‘\0’; c++) {
glutStrokeCharacter(GLUT_STROKE_ROMAN, *c);

Standard command sprintf should allow this :
char myString[50] ;
sprintf(myString,“myInteger as the following value: %d”,myInteger);
then simply call your renderBitmapString(x,y,z,myString);

Ok I put it in my game but now when I run it I get an error when I get to the point of using it. I am probably using it wrong since i’ve only seen it a couple times and but never looked into it. Can you give me an example please? :confused:

Generally this is only an opengl forum. So I can advise you to look for a good general programming forum. They’ll be more aimed for some of your questions.

char my_str[64];
int an_int_value = 10241024;
sprintf (my_str,“an_int_value has %d as value”, an_int_value);

will put the string “an_int_value has 10241024 as value” inside my_str.

Then you’ll be able to write it with your glut command using my_str:

char *c;
for (c=my_str; *c != ‘\0’; c++)
glutStrokeCharacter(GLUT_STROKE_ROMAN, *c);

should work fine.

Hope this helps.

Works Great now Thanks very much

Ok now I have another problem when I try to convert a float into a char all I get is a zero. do I need to use something else for floats?

Originally posted by Terminatore3:
Ok now I have another problem when I try to convert a float into a char all I get is a zero. do I need to use something else for floats?
yes, some argument change. You REALLY should at least have a look at a C documentation. Just google it, you’ll find many, several are good. Not all people react as me :slight_smile: And you should understand them because this is an opengl forum not a C forum.

for float, sprintf changes.
sprintf (your_string,“blablabla %f”, your_float);

%d is for int
%f for float
%c for char
%s for strings (char*)

Now it will be well, and everyone will appreciate, that you do like a big boy. Just look for what you’re seeking at the good places.

Finally, here are two links I quicly found, you really should have a deeper look at them:

Hope that helps you.

thanks that helped. sorry about posting c in an ogl forum I needed some help and this forum was already up in my browser