Converting Hex to OpenGL Colors

Does anybody know how to convert a hexadecimal color value to an opengl color value. I use VB, any help would be appreciated.

Oh Yeah! Thanks to everyone that gave a response to my previous post. They lead me to the info I needed.

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Larry George


On MS windows based stuff you could do

COLORREF ColRef = 0xffffaa10; // your hex number etc

float m_ColorR = GetRValue( ColRef );
float m_ColorG = GetGValue( ColRef );
float m_ColorB = GetBValue( ColRef );

Then normalise for Opengl

m_ColorR = m_ColorR / 255.0f;
m_ColorG = m_ColorG / 255.0f;
m_ColorB = m_ColorB / 255.0f;



COLORREF the hightest order byte has to be 00 so the max hex is 0x00FFFFFF