Converting gltf file to glb

I am exporting autodesk revit project as gltf. I get an error when I want to view this gltf file in autodesk forge-viewer. The Autodesk forge team said that forge does not yet support the gltf file format 100%. Then I converted this gltf file to glb format to find a solution. When I did it this way, I was able to view it because the meshing was correct, but some parts in the model do not appear as images. I’m very new to gltf conversion and I don’t know the logic yet. Now I want to use this function "gltfToGlb(gltf, gltfConversionOptions).then(function(results) " but I am not very good at javascript. Could you please help me with this?

Did the Autodesk Forge team specify what part of your original file they don’t support? Usually .gltf and .glb files are interchangeable.

I’m not sure what the gltfToGlb function is… is that part of some JavaScript library? You may need to ask its authors how to use it if so.

I would also suggest trying your model (all versions) in a few different viewers, just to check if the problem is part of the original model, the converted model, or Autodesk Forge. A few you could try here:

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